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Marcus Hook Roll Band - Tales Of Old Grand-Daddy (Australia) (1973)

MARCUS HOOK ROLL BAND - Tales Of Old Granddaddy (1974) Australia
Albert 475611 2 (CD Reissue)

01. Natural Man
02. Louisiana Lady
03. Shot In The Head
04. Can't Stand The Heat
05. Goodbye Jane
06. Quick Reaction
07. People & The Power
08. Red Revolution
09. Cry For Me
10. Silver Shoes & Strawberry Wine
11. Watch Her Do It Now
12. Ape Man

Vanda Harry (g)
Young George (g,p,b)
Young Angus (g) Kantuckee, Tantrum, AC/DC
Young Malcolm (g) Velvet Underground, AC/DC
Campbell Ian (b)
Casey Howie (sax)
Proud John (d) Crystal Voyager Band, Crossfire, Leon Berger Band, Odyssey
Smith Freddie (d)
Young Alex (sax)

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