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Blackstone - On The Line (1973) (Canadá)

Tras la ruptura de Rhinoceros, John Finley, Michael Fonfara, Peter Hodgson, Danny Weis y Larry Leishman forman Blackstone.

01. Qualified (3:24)
02. Mountain (3:05)
03. Change Is Gonna Come (5:30)
04. Back Door Man (4:53)
05. Ain't Gonna Let It Go (2:40)
06. Oopoopadoo (3:08)
07. Aint' Noody's Business (2:54)
08. Likakowpi (3:44)
09. Sunday's song (3:18)
10. Gonna Getcha (4:21)

John Finley (vocals),
Michael Fonfara (keyboards),
Peter Hodgson (bass),
Larry Leishman (vocals, guitar, harp),
Frank "Zeke" Sheppard (vocals, harp),
Richard Steinberg (drums),
Danny Weis (guitar)

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SoullessAutonotoms dijo...

RIGHTEOUS!!!. I live in canada and have never seen this LP. thanks for sharing. Peace from Vancouver Forest Freedom Islands.