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Barefoot Jerry - Watchin' TV (1974) (US)

Formed 1971,    Nashville, TN, United States

Disbanded 1977 //


Wayne Moss (guitar, keyboards, vocals), 
Mac Gayden (guitar, keyboards, vocals, 1971-72), 
John Harris (keyboards, 1971-?), 
Kenneth A. "Kenny" Buttrey (drums, 1971-72), 
Russ Hicks (guitar, steel guitar, horn, vocals, 1972-), 
Kenny Malone (drums, 1972-77), 
Buddy Skipper (keyboards, 1972-74), 
Fred Newell (banjo, harmonica, vocals, 1972-74), 
Dave Doran (guitar, bass, vocals, 1972-74), Si 
Edwards (percussion, 1972-74), 
Bobby Thompson (bass, guitar, vocals, 1972-74), 
Terry Dearmore (vocals, bass, guitar, 1975-77), 
Jim Colvard (guitar, bass, 1975-76), 
Warren Hartman (keyboards, 1975-76), 
Barry Chance (guitar, 1976-77), 
Steve Davis (keyboards, guitar, vocals, 1976-77), 
Charlie McCoy (keyboards, harmonica, flute, Jew's harp, 1977), 
Mike McBride (bass, guitar, percussion, mandolin, 1977)

A1 Watchin' TV (With the Radio On) 3:36
A2 Funny Lookin' Eyes 3:41
A3 Pig Snoots and Nehi Red 3:09
A4 Hay Queen 3:21
A5 Two Mile Pike 4:02
B1 Faded Love 4:12
B2 There Must Be a Better Way 3:18
B3 If There Were Only Time for Love 3:46
B4 Violets and Daffodils 2:57
B5 Mother Nature's Way of Saying High 5:40

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